What People Are Saying

Iris Moreau's Precious Rose Serum is unlike any other product I I have tried. It has the unique characteristic of making my skin look extremely fresh with the added bonus of a scent I have only ever smelled with a real rose!! Can't wait for more rose products from Iris Moreau Beauty!!!!!

Gina Ammon, Monrovia Ca.

My job takes me from hotel room to hotel room and sometimes two plane rides a week in all sort of weather conditions. Everybody knows that can be tough on your skin. What keeps my skin in great condition is Iris Moreau's Precious Rose Serum. It simply puts the moisture back into my skin all day, and hydrates like no other moisturizer I have ever used before! Not only is the silky texture of the Rose Serum a pleasure to feel on your skin, but the luxurious scent of fresh roses will give you a sense of well being. Thank you Iris!

Bernhard Tamme, Los Angeles Ca.

Iris Moreau's "Precious Rose Intense Hydrating and Age-Reversing Serum" is the best serum I have ever used. I have very dry and sensitive skin so this serum has done wonders for my skin. I use this rose serum as my everyday routine before applying my makeup. In fact, I use the serum as my new moisturizer.  It gives my skin a smooth and more radiant look that I like. The serum keeps my face hydrated all day long and the fantastic rose smell is an added bonus !. Thank you Iris for this wonderful product.

Joann Davidson, Laguna Beach Ca.
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