• About

A smooth, pure, ultra nourishing serum with a luscious rose scent, created by celebrity makeup artist Iris Moreau and formulated to hydrate, soothe and repair dry, damaged skin and reveal a healthy, dewy complexion.

Combines pure essential oil of Rose Damescana with bioactive essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, omegas, and natural peptides to seal in moisture, stimulate collagen growth, and fight free radicals to help prevent signs of aging.

• The Inspiration

Make-up artist Iris Moreau set out to find the perfect rose oil to use as the base in her Precious Rose skin care serum. It had to be fresh, deeply nourishing, divinely fragrant and contain only the highest quality organic ingredients.

Moreau found perfection in an exceptional wildcrafted Rose Damescana oil. By steam distilling the whole rose, it results in a pure, crystal clear oil with a fragrant rose scent that gives all skin types an immediate vibrancy and healthy glow.

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